Special Needs Riding


Our programs provide positive change for very special lives. Horseback riding is a proven healing technique for children with a variety of special needs.

How does special needs riding help?

The horse allows a person to be in control while riding. They are “in control” instead of being told what to do by teachers, parents, family members and peers. The feeling of empowerment has positive effects on physical and mental health. Students can talk with confidence about something they love. Balance, flexibility, coordination and sensory integration are improved.

Our programs have been designed to be healing, educational and fun. At Healing Pastures our participants find “Success in the Saddle and in Life”

Healing Pastures is associated with PATH (formerly known as NARHA): The North American Riding for the Handicapped Association.

$60hour Private Lesson
$50/hour Semi Private Lesson
$40/hour Group Lesson

Among our many accomplishments, we take particular pride in many “firsts” that we’ve seen at Healing Pastures. These include the beaming grin on the face of a child who doesn’t smile. The gripping hug of a child who doesn’t trust. A first word spoken, or that first halting step of courage taken.

For further information contact:
Honey Cowan, R.N., MFT #23590

11685 Lorenson Road
Auburn, CA 95602