Meet the CEO


ceoAs an equestrian and “lover” of all animals, I am proud of the “C”-Horse Ranch heritage. In 1998 we opened the ranch and its 10 beautiful acres to serve the incredible community we live in and strive to fulfill our promise to all who come here: “Success in the Saddle and in Life”.

(continued from Home Page): Healing Pastures formed in late 2014 at the C Horse Ranch and is a certified PATH Center. Honey has used her background as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Registered Nurse, hypnotherapist, and equine therapy training with horses to transform the lives of children and adults overcoming trauma and challenges in their lives. As Winston Churchill stated, “There is nothing like the outside of a horse to heal the inside of a man.” With her background and experience in clinical care, Honey has found that animals too have the power to heal. At one time she did therapy in a goat house with baby goats and two rabbits. Her heart and passion has given her the deep understanding of the strong connection between people and horses. At Healing Pastures, kids, adults, and seniors have the opportunity to experience this connection with nearly 40 different animals at Healing Pastures.

Our top needs:
There is a shortage of non-profits and services to support youth and adults with substance abuse, special needs, foster children, and abused and at risk children. Healing Pastures has worked hard to partner with youth groups, the American Cancer Society, CASA, the Interfaith Food Closet, and individuals in the community to offer our services in equine therapy. Our goals are to provide our animals with the best possible home so they in turn can provide the best possible services for our clients. Donations made to Healing Pastures for the Big Day of Giving will be used to support our work with CASA kids (Court Appointed Special Advocates) which works with abused and neglected children, individual children and adults seeking additional therapy assistance, our Cancer Survivors Support Group, and work local youth groups, and schools. In order to provide these services, we need committed volunteers, funding for veterinary services, feed, farrier, tack, bedding, and the resources to hire the best possible people with big hearts.

  1. Volunteers – To work on the ranch with the animals and clients.
  2. Funding: Unrestricted – Funding for veterinary, feed, ferrier, tack, bedding and in hiring the best possible employees.
  3. Board Members – To add diversity to our board.
  4. Technology – Computer, Social Media, Board development.
  5. Funding: Program – To help sponsor the programs we offer at no cost.

‘Healing Pastures at C Horse Ranch is a facility dedicated to a healing environment focusing on courage, confidence and caring. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to the philosophy that our clients are treated with compassion and respect. We are a place of learning for both our clients and our staff. Our four-legged animals, most of whom are rescued, partner with our two-legged clients to form a bond that is often everlasting for both.  We frequently tell our clients that “horses pick their people” as we see this happen so very often. In serving a diverse population, we are able to meet many of the special and individual needs of our community, many of whom volunteer or support our non-profit.’

Honey Cowan, Executive Director, Healing Pastures