Cancer Support Group


Moving from Surviving to Thriving

HoneyHoney Cowan, RN, MFT #23590
as a breast cancer survivor of over 8 years knows that even when the disease is gone, it doesn’t mean the anxiety or stress melts away.

ArianaCass Capel, PhD and her daughter Ariana.
Cass is a breast cancer survivor of over 20 years. She is a diet and nutrition expert and will share her knowledge of the healing power of good nutritious food and supplements.
Ariana continues to be an excellent volunteer at C-Horse Ranch and has become an accomplished rider.

Be Outdoors and Around a Horse. Recent studies have shown the value of the outdoors, exercise, support, and health care in extending the lives of cancer survivors. Our Cancer Survivor’s Support Group brings each of these elements together in a beautiful, safe, and open environment.

Enjoy the outdoors while grooming a horse. Gain confidence and courage by being in the presence of horses.

C – Horse Ranch now has a year round organic garden (with a pink gate) for cancer survivors. Together, Honey and Cass will strive to meet the needs of their fellow cancer survivors and expand beyond the four walls of hospitals. Plant, Grow and Nuture an Organic Garden.

Moving from Surviving to Thriving will be therapeutic in the sense that working with animals is very nurturing. It will also be highly educational as the participants will learn how diet and nutrition help heal the body. Honey has a year round organic garden that will be shared with the participants. Cass and Honey will share their favorite recipes and invite others to do so.
Honey said it was her horses that helped her get through her own cancer treatments. For more information about Moving from Surviving to Thriving call Honey Cowan at (530) 888-7766